Face Mask of Fire

Honestly, I woke up this morning with no idea what I was going to write about today.  However, I made it a New Years Resolution to start this blog back up and start updating it every Sunday and I at least want to make it past the first month before I let it slip even once!  All day I’ve been looking for something to write about and then it hit me right in the face.  In fact, I smeared it all over my face about ten minutes ago.  In case you were wondering, it did not go as intended.

I’m not sure how many of you have been scrolling through Pinterest looking for natural beauty tips but I imagine there are a few of you.  Since they’ve been coming across my Wedding Planning account, I decided to give a few of them a try before adding them to an album for future brides to bring into their pre-wedding routine.  So far, there’s only one that has stood out with almost immediate results and I’m sure a lot of you have heard of it.  The Milk and Baking Soda mask shows a lot of promise…..but Holy Lord and Baby Hippos that shit burns!

The idea of this mixture is a cheap, effective, and chemical free alternative to acne products for those who are sensitive to them (like me!).  All that is required to make it is about a tablespoon of baking soda and a touch of milk, just enough to turn the mixture into a paste to smear on your beautiful face.  

Note: Upon slapping this gritty, white, slightly transparent goo on your face, you will in fact look like you just walked out of Brazzers audition.

If there is anyone on this planet with sensitive skin, it is I.  That being said, I’m not sure how common it is for someone to feel like their face is on fire while wiping this mask off once it dried.  I’m talking so much pain that I could have dunked my head in a bucket of lava to sooth the pain.  I was not expecting this much pain.  However, looking at my face after I got it all off, it looked like I stole it from an angel because there is not such thing as skin that soft and clean on earth.  To my surprise, it wasn’t even red from all that pain!  The face cloth you ask?  Disgusting.  Words can’t even discribe how much gunk came off of my face with just that one sitting.  I’m not even posting pictures this go around in fear of traumatizing someone.  This stuff literally pulled every little thing from every pore on my face and stuck it to a facecloth for me to wash (or I’ll probably just burn after seeing what came off my poor face).  

So there you have it, I finally tried to do a Pinterest home remedy for something.  It worked, and the pain was only agonizing.  Ladies, Gentlemen, neither, both, pending:  I do say that this stuff really works….as long as you have a high pain tolorance and skin that is not nearly as sensitive as mine.  Ye be warned. 

 You’ll be wishing for these conditions after. 


What’s Quackilackin

For those of you that have been with us from the beginning, don’t you worry, I’m not going 100% all lovey dovey with all this wedding planning stuff, we still have farm stuff to talk about.  My biggest update on our little slice of heaven here is the ducks.  Yup, they’re doing great!  We did have two casualties unfortunately, a weasel got them but the dogs got the weasel so we’re even now.  One of them was the naked duck.  I’m not sure if I ever told you about our naked duck but he simply did not grow any feathers. We got him checked out, he was perfectly healthy, he just lacked the ability to grow more than about three feathers and some fluff.  

As for our survivors, Quackers, our only magpie duck, turned out to be a drake.  He loves the dogs, the dogs love him, they all play together and it’s adorable.  Cheese ended up being a drake as well.  He’s incredibly handsome but Quackers keeps him in line. The other two are marvellous layers!  We still have Bitsy, the duck with the fabulous hair who started laying 1-2 eggs a day as of Christmas Eve, as well as Itsy.  Itsy is really the only duck that is perfectly normal with no distinctive features but she started laying an egg a day on New Years Eve.  That’s right, I’m getting 2-3 eggs a day from only 2 ducks! 

These little guys are still my pride and joy and they are taking this winter so well.  I’m not even sure I need chickens to be honest with you, I much prefer these ducks.  I’m hoping Bitsy can hatch me some more come spring!   For anyone trying to decide between chickens or ducks, hands down, ducks are way more fun than chickens in my opinion!  You do not want to miss out on those little waddles and those hilarious showers they take when you spray the hose towards them, they lean right into it.  

Sail Away With Me

Destiniation Weddings are becoming a bigger thing lately, and why wouldn’t they be?  They’re much more affordable than one may imagine, you get to experience whatever part of the world your heart desires, and conveniently enough, you can always stay longer than your guests to enjoy your honeymoon or even go to another destination with some of the funds you may have saved by choosing to have a destination wedding in the first place.

Grand Papagayo, an adult only resort in Costa Rica (that happens to offer wedding packages)

Photographer: Me!

There are definitely reasons not to have a destination wedding, if you want a big crowd but aren’t willing to help some guests get there, being wed abroad is probably not going to be everything you hoped.  On average destination weddings only have about 20 guests due to affordability and health.  Also, be sure to double check (or get your wedding planner to check) the rules of marraige in wherever it is you hope to wed in.  For example, if you want to marry in Paris, you need to realize that you need to actually live there for 40 days before being allowed to marry there.  Though it is possible to just have a celebration of commitment there and sign papers when you get backs or even sign them before showing up there at all!  There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a destination wedding so they are not for everyone, but having a planner you know and trust will definitely help with the situation.  They are there to know how to deal with the predicament before it even happens.    Yes, some package deals through resorts have on site planners, which are definitely an option, but it is a risk when putting your big day in the hands of a complete stranger that you won’t meet until you get there.  

Costa Rican Sunset from the Gulf of Papagayo

Photographer: Ben Wiebe

So with all these things that can go wrong, why bother?  Well, if you’re looking to have a smaller wedding, this is a perfect way to cut down on your guest list without offending everyone not invited.  Don’t get me wrong, people will still be offended, but you’ll have a lot more people that are understanding.  Destination weddings are also a great way to satisfy that travel bug of yours.  If you’ve been planning trip to go on every year or so and thought you would have to miss out on this one so you could put a little bit more towards the wedding, you’re wrong.  Do both! (And take me with you!) As said before, this means you can either stay longer than your guests to enjoy your honeymoon since you’re already there, or you can explore even more from there!  Say you got married on a lovely Caribbean island and your “getaway car” meant getting on a cruise ship to explore more of the white sandy beaches and turquoise water.  Maybe get married in a European country and hop on a train to the next romantic, ancient city.  It’s entirely up to you! 

Sunset on an African beach in Ghana along The Gold Coast

Photographer: Me Again!

Added Note: For those of you looking to get married in Barbados, I have a lovely link for you.  An beautifully written masterpiece composed by my Great Uncle, D’arcy O’Connor, in honour of the Sea Cloud.  This ship is beautiful and D’arcy will have you wanting to marry the ship itself.  His article really is a work of art!